1. Last Time Gone

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Mike Bailey- acoustic guitar and vocal


Last Time Gone

The old grey door the paints falling down
Hinges so rusty make a God awful sound
Paint chips are floating all over the town
Breathing in the lead Rip Van Winkle lays down

sandstone walls wind knocks them all around
Dust mixed with ozone all over the ground
Foundation bricks go from orange to brown
Back to the mud in the rain soaked town

Old rusty wires feed a silent telephone
Train track to the past is broken and overgrown
I missed it’s roaring heyday I was busily alone
Now it’s kind of late to wake up The last time gone

The old grey door the paint’s falling down
Chips at the old bus stop from 1950 on the ground
I slept through it all in the silent little town
Just like Rip Van Winkle I Never heard a sound