Mike Bailey is a singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist who grew up in 

Athens, Georgia. Mike writes and sings alternative folk music with 

influences of old blues, early folk and country. 

Some of the earliest influences that shaped Mike’s music were Reverend 

Gary Davis, Son House, Blind Willie McTell, Bob Dylan, and Woody 


Growing up in the college town of Athens, Mike was exposed to a wide 

variety of musicians playing in the area. He loved listening to old 78 

recordings. He began playing live gigs around the Athens/Atlanta area in 

the late 80’s early 90’s. 

After nearly two decades of corporate interruption, Mike retired in 2017 and 

returned to what he loves! Writing, playing, and singing music! He 

continues to refine and improve his songwriting and guitar skills. 


Press Photos

Live broadcast

Healing Arts Exchange, Florence, SC