1. Out West
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Mike Bailey- acoustic guitar, lap steel guitar and vocal


Out West

I’ve got dreams to realize
the big sunset opened up my eyes
I know the money flows the best
The train lines run out west (2X)

See the Cirrus clouds shaped like candy canes
Thunder so loud hard pounding rain
I can’t sleep I can’t rest
The train lines run out West (2X)


The Sun’s going down like a red balloon
Mining town destination soon
restless rambling in protest
The train lines run out West (2X)

Down in the diamond mine
My pockets full I’m feeling fine
I’ll drink the wine that’s best
The train lines run out West (2X)

(interlude 2)

miners’ spirits in a daze
We float underground lost in a maze
I’m Going Home so well dressed
When the train pulls in from out west
When they meet the train at the station from out west

Aw the trains all run, the trains all run out West (end tag)