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I find myself with the Eastern Star
Long nights waiting and traveling so far
Cold dark night climbing up the hill
What to say the first thing I feel
All around me is truth nothing hides
Stars light up the sea and the cold hillside

I’m an open book so pick a tale
All thru the Winter the Seas I sail
Time is nothing to the deep dark night
A Moon is sleeping for the festive star light
Frost on the Pumpkin ice in the trees
December nights keep awakening me

I feel the bustle and I hear those crowds
My Soul seeks peace where nothing is loud
December’s my time to meditate
Commercial World and I separate
The trees and the stars I understand
It’s how we’ve roamed all over this land

I pull it together at number four
Another life rambled like so many before
A common theme to take away
Society has killed a true holiday
I need no lights in my distant trees
That bright cold sky lights it up for me