1. Castle

From The Recordings Html

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I’ve seen it there before-way back so many dreams
A day’s worth of breezes-so much wind another planet so it seems
You don’t have to push or rush no need to rush for the Magical scenes
Where we are in the beginning from the end- so serene

When the continents roll around and become one
When the clouds show us heaven with the rising sun
Build your castle from the Earth where wild herbs grow
Looking upward to the sky for that wonderful glow xxxxx

Living where it’s all blue gold and purple Gold and purple and green
Where darkness has it’s own color has it’s own color so cool and clean
No time or need here to worry no time to worry-about the material strings
They use to hold us to the wrong side to the dark side the worthless fling


And when their mission burns it all down
From the deep fall out never a sound
They’ll not see us looking or hanging around
We’ll be where it all rebuilds one little village one little town
Then the Earth will go back green again
You’ll hear the birds you’ll hear the frogs right then

No noisy planes up in the sky
no reason why for them to fly