1. Skin And Bone

From the recording Down To It

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Well some got a little, some got a lot
Some are living in the cold, others where it’s hot
There are people out there that own more buildings
Than in a lifetime they could possible roam
People on the street can’t even find a home

Taking it down, taking it down, taking it down to skin and bone
Taking it down, taking it down down down down down to skin and bone
You’l never take it with you when your gone
Taking it down, taking it down taking it down to skin and bone

See the lady walking with her children at her feet
Thru the city traffic, the back country fields of wheat
Here today, tomorrow they’ll be gone
Heading back up the country side to find a place where they do belong


Now I’m taking myself back down to the land
walk the dusty backroad feel the burning sand
change my way of living back down to a simpler mode
take the compost down to the sandy land
lighten up the load


All I had to eat today was a bowl of butter beans
Hoping tomorrow for a plate of turnip greens
I know I should eat more balanced but I’ve got an unbalanced mind
Thinking about the Highway and the state of the yellow line