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Sitting down in a room full of People
staring at the fifth wall
in the middle of a loose conversation
I’m not there at all

On A Train Somewhere winding thru the night
Lonely as a Russian graveyard cold Siberian fright
On a train somewhere rolling across the land
All the way from Fire Creek to the Sahara’s burning sand

Looking thru the mirror in the window
I hear the locomotive call
Tighten up your mask you can board the train
or stay frozen to the wall

repeat chorus one

Moving thru the day like a stranger
He performs the toil and task
Still seeing something different in the evening
out from under the mask

(chorus two )
On a train somewhere trying to get back home
Cruising in to my own space-peaceful time of the gloam
On a train somewhere natural world (earth) rolling by
taking it in a personal pleasure from the tracks to the sky

Looking around at all these people
They don’t know me at all
When they stare because I’m not one of them
I turn on the elusive protocol

repeat chorus two