From the recording SEARCH THE UNIVERSE

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Mike Bailey- National steel body guitar and vocal note: this song shares characters with the song "Mystery Jane"


Search The Universe

My name is Alice Oxendine
I have a baby girl at a very wrong time
1882 is rough on a poor Lumbee
Indian Girl and white baby like me
sic: (sure hope she passes for white)

I walked from the country made it to town
Nobody tried to turn us around
I’m eyeing that big porch from the old cattle gate
In the pitch black morning they’re not awake

I’m hiding by the tall loblolly pines
So welcoming in daylight, bright sunshine
But now their limbs look like shaking arms
Like they think I mean this baby harm
sic: (oh no, I’d never do you any harm little one)

Four in the morning there’s a shooting star
we made it to the porch and front door, wasn’t far
Sat her in her blanket, turned the doorbell, ran away
oil lamps came on with very little delay

What have I done, Am I right or wrong?
I Search the Universe, still I don’t know if I’m right or wrong
My heart is full of fear, eyes overrun with tears
I just want you to have a better life, I have nothing they can give you all you need
run, run, keep on running Search the Universe, tell me what I’ve done
Universe tell me what I have done